Congressman Vito Fossella Arrested for Drunk Driving in DC

Congressman Vito Fossella from Staten Island, N.Y., was arrested for drunk driving the morning of May 1 in DC after leaving Logan Tavern with his "pal" Brian, who fell face first through a table, breaking the stand in half. I actually helped carry Brian's drunk ass out to the street where Vito waived off a cab we hailed for them and slid away with his mummy in tow.

Here's the coverage on Eyewitness News:

And here's the scoop from an actual eyewitness:

I joined my colleagues Chelsea, Meghan and Meghan's friend R. at Logan Tavern around 10 p.m. not long after Chelsea was sure she spotted Taylor Hanson of boy band fame at a nearby table in the outdoor section. A bit later in the evening, Chelsea departed and Meghan, R. and I moved to the bar indoors to escape the evening chill. Then Vito Fossella walked in with his pal, Brian, who was evidently drunk. R. recognized Vito through his involvement with the Republican Party and invited him over, where I noticed his lips and teeth were horribly stained with red wine.

"Can I buy you a drink congressman? Perhaps a nice Cabernet?" I said.

He was dumbfounded that I got the order right. I ordered one for his pal, too, who shuffled off to the bathroom where I found him later slumped in a chair outside the door. The manager of Logan Tavern caught sight of this mess and complained to our party, which subsequently dispatched the congressman to tend to his lamb.

When I returned to the bar, I was informed that I'd been cut off. I politely suggested to the bartender that I was not the drunk he was looking for and after he conferred with the manager, my drinking status was reinstated with one on the house.

Vito Fossella brought Brian back to our fold and he sat on a stool next to mine and passed out, head on the bar. I thought it strange that Vito left him there, drunk beyond good measure, but he seemed distracted by the conversation on pop music, inspired by mention of the Hanson sighting. Suddenly, Brian rose to his feet and stumbled to the corner and fell like a dead flounder on the table, which held his weight for approximately three seconds before it crashed to the ground. I went over and tried to get him to his feet, but couldn't budge his drunk ass until the waiter gave me a hand. We were able to get him up and I walked him out to the curb where I assured him the fresh air would do him good. All the while Vito shook his head disapprovingly with a mischievous, cheap, red lipstick grin on his face.

R. was holding the cab door open not ten feet away, but Vito Fossella decided he and Brian were well enough to walk ... and apparently drive back to Alexandria ... drunk and delirious.


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    i am a reporter looking for some more info on this--could you please give me email me at ASAP..

    Matthew Lysiak

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  4. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Fossella is a political hack and a puppet of both the Bush Administration and the national Republican Party.

    NYC is a Democratic town, and Fossella and his little puppets (Lanza and Ignizio) are not looking out for the best interests of their constituents. They are beholden to the contractors, developers and real estate interests who put them into office and who finance their re-election campaigns!

    Now that the truth about Fossella has finally been exposed, let's hope that the people of Staten Island will finally have the guts to throw out this far-right Republican swine and replace him with a Democrat who will be far better equipped to represent an increasingly diverse borough!

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