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Liz Cho seems hellbent on turning the part-time, hyper-local gossipy-gops like Weird Long Beard (WLB) into full-time hackitty-hack snoops. 
Back in June, WLB reported that Liz Cho and her husband Evan Gottlieb were still married only to be scooped three months later by Page Six with this bombshell: "Anchor Liz Cho & hubby split: dating Josh Elliott?"

Curiously, the timing of her separation seems to coincide with her new hair-do, which I for one do not like. The bone-straight approach is not nearly as luxurious as the full-body quiff she used to don and seems to lose its fizzle in the evening broadcasts.

Unfortunately, if these rumors of Liz Cho and Josh Elliott do not fizzle, it proves that she is human and at 41 years-old not immune to the mid-life crisis we ordinary folks hold so dear ... but why Josh Elliott? 

Liz's new do

I did catch Josh Elliott over the summer on Good Afternoon America, but mainly due to his co-host and WLB fav, Lara Spencer. While I concede he possesses the criteria: tall, dark, handsome and on national TV, the only memorable flashes of personality (aside from Lara) during the GAA run were at the hands of guest-in-residence D.L. Hughley. But I digress ...

Lara did a masterful job of supporting Josh as a boy-next-door with a young daughter for the mommy demographic, so it was surprising to see him suddenly catapult himself into the most enviable bachelor in the tri-state area. I suppose work's an easy place to fall in love after all.  

Eyewitness News team.


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