Pencil Skirts

Bryant Park autumn breeze
quaff a half-dozen Long Island iced teas
among a swarm of honey bees
circling burgers smothered in cheese
and girls in pencil skirts above their knees
whose allergies to cats make them sneeze
while handling lobbyists with grace and ease
until happy hour's over and she flees.

Jennifer Aniston

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Liz Cho and FDNY Calendar Model Mr. April

For those of you who have seen the movie Tombstone, you may remember the scene where Wyatt Earp, cornered and outnumbered, charges across the river and guns down his nemesis Curly Bill. After the gunfight, Doc Holiday is sitting by a tree when he's asked what he's doing out in the middle of nowhere when clearly he's not well, to which he replies, "Wyatt Earp's my friend."

Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in Tombstone.
When I think of friendship, one of the ingredients I've come to know is a lack of jealousy at your friend's success, in fact, you're happy when they succeed. In some cases, you're even proud of them. These things have held true with regards to my friend Ralph, that is until the day he met Liz Cho. 

Through hard work and sacrifice, FF Ralph Ciccarelli made the coveted FDNY Calendar that benefits the FDNY Foundation and can be purchased here. The firefighters themselves end up devoting even more of their time to help raise awareness for the foundation through a well-executed public relations campaign. During one of these press junkets, FF Ciccarelli, aka Mr. April, appeared on WABC-TV in New York City with Liz Cho.

FDNY FF Ciccarelli, aka Mr. April, and ABC Anchor Liz Cho.
For anyone familiar with this blog (all three of you!), you know I've had a casual obsession with Liz Cho through the years, so when I saw the pic above, you can bet I turned as green as The Grinch. Luckily it didn't last and the jealousy I felt gave way to pride and I phoned my friend to find out more.

From his eyewitness account, Liz Cho is friendly, gracious and has a good sense of humor. I asked if she was as pretty in person as she appears on TV. Even prettier, I was told. Was she as thin as a rail like most TV personalities? She's in great shape, good definition in her shoulders and arms, she's no stranger to the gym.

And there you have it. Liz Cho is everything she appears to be and more. Of course if you thought it hard to get a glimpse of her before, I wouldn't try it now that the entire FDNY is watching her back.

Happy Birthday, RC!