Twitter's Periscope Is the Next Big Thing

This morning, I met a lovely couple in Dubai, played with a bunch of dogs in a park in Oregon and strolled through the gardens of Amsterdam all in the time it took to put on my slippers.

Periscope from Twitter
Earlier this week, I read the buzz on Twitter about its launch of  Periscope, so when I saw it in the App Store as an editor's pick, I grabbed it.

Within a minute, I was off and running. The features are intuitive and easy, the quality is terrific, so I decided to broadcast the lively debate my children were having over what to eat for breakfast. Within seconds, 21 people joined the debate from around the world and I took a cue from one of them to ask my kids if they wanted bacon and a near riot of enthusiasm broke out.

A few days ago, a building exploded in downtown Manhattan due to a gas leak. Passersby caught a video of it that was later disseminated via the traditional news outlets. I think Periscope will bring about a paradigm shift in breaking news as eyewitnesses will now broadcast events from the palm of their hand. The ability to interact with these broadcasts will move people from the sidelines to the stage to see impromptu performances, interfere with an injustices or simply grab an item from a nearby yard sale they otherwise would not have attended.

Periscope will allow us to become our own newsroom producer, calling up screens that capture our attention. Traditional journalists will warn that anything can happen in a live broadcast and we're no stranger to the vulgar comments people post in social, but these realities won't detract the masses from Periscope's utility.

I suspect politicians and advertisers will show up on the platform soon, so I invite you to download Periscope now and see for yourself whether or not it's the next big thing.

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