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The Enduring Beauty of Liz Cho

Have you ever stared at a portrait of a lady for an eternity? What if eternity was measured in 10 minutes or 10 hours or 10 days? What if you saw the same picture each day for 10 years? Would it feel like eternity? Could any portrait hold you captive for that long? Perhaps if it changed ever so slightly each day, a new hairstyle, a different dress, a dash of pepper here, a pinch of salt there, would it continue to entice the palette? Imagine if the lady could speak and you could watch her expression change from mock disbelief to spontaneous laughter in an instant? Would eternity be long enough?

I first wrote about Liz Cho in December of 2006 when she was the co-anchor of Eyewitness News at 11pm. Her bright portrait illuminated my tranquil living room each night. Those times when she was absent, there was a noticeable void like a blank space on a museum wall. I took note of one such absence in 2007 when she was on maternity leave and triumphantly announced her return a few months later.…

Liz Cho and Josh Elliott Are Engaged

Liz Cho and Josh Elliott are engaged according to Page Six and People. I guess some guys do in fact have all the luck. Weird Long Beard Press wishes them the best!

Liz Cho and FDNY Calendar Model Mr. April

For those of you who have seen the movie Tombstone, you may remember the scene where Wyatt Earp, cornered and outnumbered, charges across the river and guns down his nemesis Curly Bill. After the gunfight, Doc Holiday is sitting by a tree when he's asked what he's doing out in the middle of nowhere when clearly he's not well, to which he replies, "Wyatt Earp's my friend."

When I think of friendship, one of the ingredients I've come to know is a lack of jealousy at your friend's success, in fact, you're happy when they succeed. In some cases, you're even proud of them. These things have held true with regards to my friend Ralph, that is until the day he met Liz Cho. 
Through hard work and sacrifice, FF Ralph Ciccarelli made the coveted FDNY Calendar that benefits the FDNY Foundation and can be purchased here. The firefighters themselves end up devoting even more of their time to help raise awareness for the foundation through a well-executed pu…

Liz Cho Dating Josh Elliott

Liz Cho seems hellbent on turning the part-time, hyper-local gossipy-gops like Weird Long Beard (WLB) into full-time hackitty-hack snoops. 
Back in June, WLB reported that Liz Cho and her husband Evan Gottlieb were still married only to be scooped three months later by Page Six with this bombshell: "Anchor Liz Cho & hubby split: dating Josh Elliott?"
Curiously, the timing of her separation seems to coincide with her new hair-do, which I for one do not like. The bone-straight approach is not nearly as luxurious as the full-body quiff she used to don and seems to lose its fizzle in the evening broadcasts.
Unfortunately, if these rumors of Liz Cho and Josh Elliott do not fizzle, it proves that she is human and at 41 years-old not immune to the mid-life crisis we ordinary folks hold so dear ... but why Josh Elliott? 

I did catch Josh Elliott over the summer on Good Afternoon America, but mainly due to his co-host and WLB fav, Lara Spencer. While I conce…

It Appears Liz Cho Is Still Married

Looking at the recent queries that lead to this blog, there is still a great deal of wonder about the marital status of WABC-TV Channel 7 Eyewitness News' anchor Liz Cho. Admittedly, I have fanned the flames with a gonzo-style report that she may be in love with her co-anchor Bill Ritter, but people, that was four years ago!

Of course I still watch Liz Cho and like the rest of you I am still intrigued by this notion that she does not wear her wedding band or engagement ring on her left ring finger during the broadcast. I seem to recall her flashing a rather ornate diamond once upon a time. Maybe there is a trade secret as to why news anchors don't wear their rings, but her colleague Lee Goldberg always seems to wear his.
Intrepid blogger that I am, I took to search and found a recent article in the New York Post that not only reports that Liz Cho is still married to Evan Gottlieb, but that the two are involved in a "nasty legal battle" over renovations they had done…

I Wish Liz Cho Would Come Back to the 11pm Broadcast of Eyewitness News

In the wake of Oprah's departure from the weekday line-up, WABC-7 has slated Eyewitness News First @ 4pm and moved Liz Cho there from her traditional 11pm slot.

While I am a fan of her replacement, Sade Baderinwa, Liz Cho was the glue of the 11pm broadcast, holding it together through the promotion of Sam Champion and the retirement of Scott Clark. In deference to Sade, my wife was riding with her in the back of a WBAL sat-truck that went through a red-light back in 2000 and hit another car. My wife had to go to the hospital for a minor injury. Even with this history, I wish Liz Cho would come back.

She guested last week at 11pm and the broadcast just seemed brighter in every way. I hope when Dr. Oz finally takes over the 4pm slot, Liz will resume her evening post and thereby restore my enthusiasm to go to bed at reasonable time.

Are Bill Ritter and Liz Cho in Love?

For several weeks now, I've noticed Liz Cho of Eyewitness News hasn't been wearing her wedding ring. There was idle speculation that it may be due to weight she put on during her pregnancy, but that was months ago and she has been in fighting shape for a while. Hard to remember now, but I do think it was there when she returned after Labor Day.

Of course it was clear from the start that Bill had a thing for Liz. Why not, most of us do, but what was it that put him over the edge? Does Liz actually look up to him, respect him as a venerable newsman, or is it simply the fact that work is an easy place to fall in love.

During this evening's broadcast, their was a tender moment revealed when Liz finished reading the Valentine's Day Health Alert. After she said "most people do not actually pursue their ideal mate, suggesting that we often think with our hearts," Bill looked at her tenderly and said, "Who would have thought that?" and she echoed the sentim…

Liz Cho Is Back!

Liz Cho returned to Eyewitness News tonight for the six o'clock show. It was as if she had never been gone at all and then Bill Ritter formally welcomed her back as did Lee Goldberg prior to his forecast.

When asked by Bill if she had gotten any sleep lately, she answered no, but that she is loving it (motherhood)! She also said she was very happy to be back and it seems as though the feeling was more than mutual from her colleagues.

Welcome back, Liz! We TV news viewers missed you!

Liz Cho Gave Birth to a Baby Girl Today

It was announced by Bill Ritter on Eyewitness News tonight that Liz Cho gave birth to a baby girl, Louisa Simone Gotlieb, at 10 a.m. this morning. That was just about the time I touched down in DC.

Congratulations to Liz and her husband Evan. And congratulations to Louisa Simone for hitting the lottery.

And congratulations to David Wells on the nine year anniversary of his perfect game.

Liz Cho Is Pregnant

Had it not been for HDTV, I would still be oblivious to the fact that Liz Cho is pregnant. While I did think her boobs seemed a bit bigger of late, it was a natural progression, not like the overnight, in-your-face Ivanka Trump implants, but during the intro to last night's broadcast, her form fitting black dress seemed to hug the little bun in her oven as warmly as she no doubt will one day. Of course it was only for a moment and then that super blue Channel 7 banner was thrown over her, cloaking her secret like da Vinci. She also seems to be seated somewhat higher in her chair these days. Perhaps her rotund belly would push her too far back from the desk for the producer's comfort.

Wikipedia says that she is due in June. For nearly eight months, my fiancee and I were blind to this story, even though we watch Eyewitness News each night. How did it get by us? How come this hasn't been widely reported? One of People's 50 Most Beautiful is spawning and it's a secre…

To the Left, to the Left

Everything you own in the box to the left.

I played Beyonce's Irreplaceable video on Yahoo! Launch a half dozen times this evening. Perhaps it's my impending departure from PR Newswire that makes it relevant, not that the corporation is a sugar mama who caught me driving another girl around in the car that it bought me, but more like I'm the scorned lover and you must not know bout me.

It's hard for me not to gush over everything Beyonce does, but this song is immensely beautiful, so much so that I am convinced Victoria's Secret should have had its models parade down the runway in a bra and hot curlers, but I don't think any of them are ready for this jelly.

Speaking of which, last night I sat on the couch and watched Gisele run to and from the catwalk in high definition, a brave new world even Huxley would enjoy. While it's true there is not a trace of cellulite on any of these ethereal specimens, there is only so long one can stare at Karolina Kurkova'…